Monday, August 6, 2012

Ornament Time Again!! Meet The Twietmeyers!

I know I have not been keeping up with Positivity as I would have liked. I promise I have a good reason.  You can catch up with all that HERE and HERE.

But, I still VERY much want to help other people bring their babies home. And we have found the perfect family to sponsor this year.  Meet the Twietmeyer family.

The Twietmeyers have done a whole lot of good for a whole lot of children and families. Please read and learn more about the organization they started, Project Hopeful.   I want to help this family because without Project Hopeful one of my girls would not be home, and the other would not be on her way home.

But besides being an awesome family, their son is in a mental institution in EE and needs out as quickly as possible.  He is worthy and wonderful.  He is loved and wanted.  But his family needs help to get to him.  This is where you can come in.

We are donating the funds from our Ornament sales to their adoption fund this year. The cost of the ornaments is $10.  Your $10 donation is tax deductible. To order your ornament there are 3 easy steps.

1. You can donate the $10 by clicking on that button right down there.

2. Email me at to tell me how many you purchased and where to send them. Please tell us if you prefer sparkle, matte, or shiny.  We can't guarantee, but we will try to get you your exact request. Also please include a copy of your paypal receipt in the email.  Without this step I will not know you ordered and will not be able to get the ornaments to you!

3. If you are local, I can deliver them.  If you are outside the Birmingham, Alabama area shipping will be $5, which you can paypal to

And with 3 easy steps you get a beautiful, handcrafted ornament AND you help bring a child out of a desperate situation right into the arms of a loving family.



The team here at Positivity had a very different vision for these ornaments.  My husband, an artist, wanted them PERFECT. He wanted a stencil so they would all be just alike, have neat edges and very straight lines.  In my mind they were each a little different, rough around the edges, not perfectly symmetrical, but still BEAUTIFUL.  The kids we are reaching with Positivity are individuals.  These kids may be seen as a little rough around the edges.  But they are so beautiful and so deserving.  They are viewed as "imperfect", but they are perfect just the way they are.  And adoption is messy.  It isn't always straight lines and it looks different for every family.  

Guess who won?  Each of these ornaments is hand painted without a stencil or a pattern.  They are straight from our heart to yours.  Like the children they will help to bring home, they are not cookie cutter, but they are just as they are supposed to be.  We hope you love them and that they bring another level of meaning and joy to your Christmas!


  1. Are they glass balls? Are you able to personalize them?

    1. Hey, Faith! They are not glass. I can personalize them possibly. I am not an artist and hearts are about as good as I get. :0 But I can try. My husband is an artist and might be able to help. What are you thinking?